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Waste water purification

Waste water purification

Disposal of waste water requires special equipment, permits and expertise. Waste water should be discharged in accordance with all the legal guidelines. Equally important is where and how the waste water flows.

MTD has extensive experience in installing disposal systems for waste water. We calculate exactly what equipment and pumps you will need and what length of pipe for problem-free and safe disposal. In addition, there is the possibility of temporary storage of enormous amounts of waste water. A practical solution, especially when there are no facilities available. We can also play an important role in treating waste water. If required, we treat the waste water so that it can be smoothly discharged back to the environment, or we can treat it for re-use. For this, we have a comprehensive range of products with which we ensure safe and proper disposal of waste water around the world. You will find an overview of our products on these pages.

Water treatment

Before waste water is returned to the source or water treatment plant it must meet a number of requirements. We take the environment into account, as well as the legal guidelines. For this, we apply various water treatment methods. So we offer grease traps that are especially useful with water coming from kitchens.

Waste water purification

We have a waste water treatment installation that can be used in remote areas. The waste water treatment can treat waste water and return it to the environment. This is done by means of biological purification – without chemicals – using bacteria. The treated water leaving the machine can be discharged into the surface water.

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