The final push for Tokyo2020

If we go back to early July 2016, before the start of the Games in Rio de Janeiro, MTD visited Tokyo for the first time to seek new business opportunities. Back then, we would never have imagined that we would be here today, but here we are. Today, marks the start of the 100-day countdown for the opening ceremony of the biggest multi-games event of 2021 and we are giving the final push towards the completion of our work.

The past five years have been quite a rollercoaster for MTD. We have won and lost employees and venues; we have lost a lot of money but we have won a lot of Japanese friends along the way too. Since our first visit to Japan, we have documented all our ups and downs, challenges, and successes in a diary. This diary now, will read like a story about a company’s determination to never give up. It was a big challenge for an international company to do business in Japan without knowing the Japanese culture and having the right experience of working there. We have made many mistakes and we learned to walk by falling down and getting up again. Five years later, we are stronger and more experienced than before.

Due to COVID-19, last year was the most difficult out of the five years. We had to reduce our team in Japan from 25 employees down to 3. This was painful for us because many of our passionate employees had the ambition to work for both MTD and the Games. But we imagine this pain was nothing compared to what the local Government, the Organising Committee and the Japanese citizens experienced when trying to organise the “best Games ever” in 2020. Fortunately, due to good faith and trust, we have 39 passionate employees, from 11 different nationalities working for us again at MTD Japan. They are all rolling up their sleeves to deliver our services with the highest water quality and they are giving it everything for “the final push” towards the completion work of the Games.

From the bottom of our heart, we want to thank the Organising Committee for their infinite support throughout the last few years and we express our admiration to the Japanese people for never giving up on their dream to hold the “best 2020 Games ever.” We hope that we will excite the world and make the Japanese citizens proud of what we have achieved together. – Hans Verhoeven

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