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Cultural events

Film festivals, circuses, fairs, culinary events and other cultural events often take place in the centre of big cities or in large complexes. That requires space-saving and creative solutions. Also when it comes to water provisions.

Special care

We take care of deliveries at specified times so as to minimise disturbance: – Because: “The show must go on!” We can also, if desired, provide filtered water for kitchens. MTD works at many cultural events and with our experience and expertise we can provide your organisation with exactly what you need. We work with you and strive for the best possible matches between your company and our existing facilities.

Arranged on time and ready to use

At a market place, a field, a large church or as a mobile unit: MTD delivers customised solutions with standard products. Naturally, we also pay attention to the finish, so that all piping and equipment are placed safely and they don’t hinder the public. Whether it concerns a few hundred or tens of thousands of visitors, through experience we know how to deal with storage for both drinking water and waste water and the correct water pressure. We are also prepared for consumption at peak times. We exclude risk. We adapt installations so that the water remains safe and at the right temperature even in extremely cold or warm conditions. We carefully coordinate our planning and thorough approach with you and, if necessary, document them in a project schedule complete with AutoCAD drawings. So that everything is arranged on time and is ready.

Services provided at cultural events

In various areas:
VIP areas
Emergency services
Accommodation grounds
Artists’ areas
Pet accommodation
Facilities that can be connected:
Coffee stands / equipmentSanitation
Kitchens, dishwashing kitchens
Laundry and dishwashers
Hand washing facilities
Water supplies for the preparation of food

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