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Water monitoring

Venue management system

All points in the water infrastructure can be monitored through the use of a venue management system. If the various locations are spread across the country, the venue management system ensures that all documents are completed online and stored centrally at the MTD Control. As a result, everyone always has the right information.

Data is entered through handhelds and checked automatically by the system for all available parameters. Data that can be monitored includes: temperature, water pressure and water quality.

A simple encryption system is designed so as to provide each report with a colour code related to the problem. Depending on the colour code, action or no action is taken. If the report is between the agreed parameters, the colour will be white. If a problem is detected, the colour will automatically change to orange. The control centre will instantly see this warning. Action will then be taken immediately and the colour will be changed to yellow. When the problem is resolved, the colour will return to white. All actions are noted and recorded in the report, with the time and date. Everything is recorded in reports so that a log book or report can be printed to give a clear picture of the work.


We can take all your worries away. MTD offers you a daily monitoring service for drinking water quality. During the event, two to three times per day, the temperature of the water in the main pipes will be measured as well as other parameters which give indications of water quality such as chlorine levels, pH, turbidity, taste, smell, colour and conductivity. Where appropriate we will install a flushing pipe on each terminus of the main network to avoid stagnation and increase circulation.

Real time monitoring

The monitoring unit can measure water quality in real time. Monitoring can be done for a variety of parameters including pH, temperature, nitrate, oxygen and chlorine content. This data is analysed by special software. The data can be read in real time on a special website, so that the quality of safe drinking water can be guaranteed.

There are pre-set parameters and all values are checked constantly. If different values appear remedial measures can be taken immediately from a remote location and the entire water supply closed. In this way, the best quality for safe drinking water can be guaranteed.

In these situations, a notification is always sent by e-mail.


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