Mission and Vision


The vision, mission and core values are translated into primary objectives from which the annual objectives are derived. These objectives are connected to the word ‘PURE’, which returns in the name MTD Pure Water, the MTD logo, and the core values.



It is our life, and mission to provide our customers with solutions that can meet each water challenge with a ‘can do’ mentality.  Our respect for water, is embedded in our DNA and we are passionate about using our sustainability initiatives to save water and improve the water balance worldwide.

Our diverse teams, innovations and proactive service can make the difference at any stage of a project.  By working together, we can supply temporary water infrastructures to any local or remote location in the world.  We will take responsibility and provide a highly responsive service which connects you to water fast.

We are transparent as water, we will share our data, knowledge and expertise to help you understand why we’re the right water partner for you. We are different, we are MTD.



  • Together with our partners, we offer our customers a personalised, sustainable overlay with water circulation and a close to neutral CO2 footprint by 2030.
  • We aim to take the role of water partner, and by 2025, we will be the global market influencer in everything we do.
  • We maintain an innovative and 100% adaptive fleet of products & services annually used by our global and local customers.
  • We maintain our leading position in the event sector and grow 20% per year in new markets; public services, temporary buildings and offshore with our products & services to become a more durable company by 2030.
  • We provide business intelligence based on real-time data systems to improve decisions related to water usage, quality and sustainability from 2021 onwards.