Our story


A temporary water connection at an exposition during the mid-80s was the start of the company that has since grown to an ever-expanding international company with offices in 13 countries and 1,500 projects annually. The company’s acquisition in 2006 meant that the company went global and that other products and business segments were added. Although MTD is operating globally, we have one shared vision and mission, to passionately support our clients in sustainable water use and contribute to a healthy planet.

The story of MTD: waterproof for over 35 years


Where it all started

In the mid-eighties, MTD started its first project: professionally installing a temporary water supply at an exhibition. That was the beginning of MTD. In subsequent years MTD has grown further through a large dose of passion. There appears to be much demand for temporary water supply and disposal. Even today, the market is continually growing.


Going international

We completed our first international projects in the mid-nineties. The projects in the Netherlands were getting continually more significant and required a more professional approach. Through the passionate commitment of our MTD staff, the number of events has increased significantly since 2000. Following the acquisition in 2006, MTD dared to operate worldwide and further developed other products and market segments.

Where we are today

We remain true to our vision and are still innovating and building on the future from within a unified MTD. Knowledge sharing and helping each other are in our DNA. Together with our customers and staff, we deal with water in a socially responsible way and contribute to a healthy future. That’s MTD. The head office, located in Tilburg, the Netherland, supplies its products and services worldwide. MTD has offices in England, Germany, France, Brazil, Japan, The Middle East, Qatar and the USA. We have positioned ourselves as a world leader with over 35 years of experience and hundreds of motivated, permanent employees. MTD offers its clients a comprehensive full-service organisation plus turn-key solutions for the installation of temporary water infrastructures and water treatments with the guarantee of safe drinking water. We can manage and control the total water chain. Innovation, knowledge and quality make MTD a company that continues to be ahead of the game. MTD is not driven by the market but by passion.