Privacy Policy

General Privacy Statement


This privacy regulation was last amended on 24 May 2018.

We respect the privacy of every natural person and ensure that the personal information you provide us is treated confidentially. We advise you to read this statement carefully. This privacy statement is applicable to the processing of personal data by the following companies:

  1. MTD Holding B.V., Clara Zetkingweg 4, 5032 ML, Tilburg, CoC 17187610;
  2. MTD International B.V., Clara Zetkinweg 4, 5032 ML, Tilburg, CoC 16080239;
  3. MTD Nederland B.V., Clara Zetkinweg 4, 5032 ML, Tilburg, CoC 16050363;
  4. MTD Fleet B.V., Clara Zetkinweg 4, 5032 ML, Tilburg, CoC 17170828;
  5. MTD Deutschland GmbH, Thüringer Allee 12, 14052 Berlin, Germany
  6. MTD France Sarl, 187-189 Allée des Érables – Villepinte, 95934 Roissy Ch. De Gaulle cedex
  7. MTD UK & Ireland Ltd., Unit A, Antura Kingsland Business Park, Wade Road, Basingstoke RG24 8EN
  8. MTD België BVBA, Europakruispunt 2, 1000 Brussels
With this privacy statement, we want to provide insight into the way in which your personal data are processed and for which purposes. MTD is responsible for the processing of the personal data, as described in this privacy statement. In some cases, we work together with other organisations or companies. We consider it extremely important that personal data are treated with care by us. Personal data are thus processed and secured by us with all due care. The processing of personal data is governed by the General Data Protection Act (AVG). This means that we:
  1. Clearly state the purposes for which we process personal data;
  2. Restrict the collection of personal data to the personal data needed for the purposes for which they shall be processed;
  3. Shall emphatically request permission for processing which requires such permission;
  4. Shall not pass on data to third parties, unless that is necessary for delivering the requested service or when we are legally obliged to do so;
  5. Shall ensure that, should it be necessary to share your data with third parties, agreements are made that the personal data provided are not used for other purposes;
  6. Shall take suitable security measures to protect your personal data and shall also demand this from parties which, at our request, process personal data;
  7. Shall at all times provide you assistance if you wish perusal, amendments and/or if you want your personal data to be deleted.

If you wish to contact us in response to this privacy statement, you can use the contact details listed below.

Person responsible (for processing)

The person responsible (for processing) is the natural or legal person who alone or with others determines the aim of and the resources for the processing of personal data. In light of the scale of MTD, MTD has not appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO). If you have any complaints or questions, please contact Liana Hambartsumyan.

Personal Data

Personal data are data relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. This means that the data about a person can be traced to an individual person, or that the data clearly reveals the person to which they refer.

We do not always process and store the data below. This is dependent on the services and functionalities you wish to make use of on our website. We can process the following personal data:

  1. Name and address details
  2. E-mail address;
  3. Telephone number;
  4. Gender;
  5. Date of birth;
  6. BSN;
  7. Company name;
  8. Bank account number;
  9. Date of birth;
  10. Curriculum vitae
  11. Motivation letter
  12. IP address

Processing of personal data

MTD processes your personal data in order to be able to perform the agreement we have concluded with you. Within the context of this agreement, we can distinguish the following purposes:


Your personal data are processed by MTD for concluding and performing agreements regarding services and managing the relationships arising therefrom, including performing activities to enlarge the client base. When you complete a contact form on the website or send us an e-mail, the data which you send us are stored for as long as the nature of the form or the contents of your e-mail requires for the complete answering and settlement of your question and/or request. We process the data above for one or more of the following purposes:

  1. To offer you the possibility of purchasing products and services from MTD;
  2. To contact you if you have a question about the possibilities of purchasing products and/or services;
  3. To answer your question or handle your complaints via e-mail, by post or by phone;
  4. Process your job application;
  5. To improve our website

Google Analytics

We make use of Google Analytics to track how users make use of our website. The information acquired in this way, including the address of your computer (IP address) is transferred to and stored on a Google server located in the USA. Google uses this information to track how our website is used, to be able to provide us with reports about the website and to provide advertisers with information about the effectiveness of their campaign. Google can make this information available to third parties if Google is legally obligated to do so, or to the extent that those third parties process the information on behalf of Google. MTD has no influence on this.

Use of Cookies

We make use of cookies. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent with pages of this website and stored by your browser on the computer’s hard disk. This allows us, among other things, to analyse the behaviour of the users.

Who receives the personal data?

We provide the data you provide to third parties if that is necessary for delivering the products you have ordered or the services you have requested. When MTD provides your data to third parties, we ensure, among other things, that your data are not used for other purposes. We set this out in a contract. We also agree in this contract that your data shall be deleted once it is no longer needed.

In addition, the data provided by you will not be shared with another party unless there is a legal obligation to do this or if it is permissible under governing legislation. It is possible, for example, that the police requests data from us in the context of a fraud investigation. In that case, we are legally obligated to yield these data.

Security and storage

MTD takes appropriate security measures to restrict misuse of unauthorised access to your personal data. We ensure that only essential persons have access to the data, that the access to the data is protected and that our security measures are regularly checked. Furthermore, we do not store data longer than necessary. That means that we store data only for as long as necessary to perform the services you have requested from us. An exception to this covers data that must be stored longer under the retention obligation.


If you are younger than 16, you may only use our website under the supervision of your parents and/or legal representative.

Right to peruse, correct and delete personal data

You are entitled at any time to peruse the personal data stored by us. You can also request us at any time to amend or delete those personal data. If you require more information or have questions about your personal data, you can contact

The right to raise objections

You are entitled at any time to raise objections to the storage of your personal data.


If you have any complaints, please contact MTD directly. We shall attempt to help you to the best of our ability. Should you still not be satisfied or if you are of the opinion that we have not settled your complaint satisfactorily, you are entitled, under the provisions of the AVG, to lodge a complaint with the privacy regulator, Dutch Data Protection Authority.

If you wish to contact us in response to this privacy statement, you can use the contact details listed below.