Flex Water Industry

Flex Water is the water partner that connects your urgent and (un)planned projects to any remote location.

Water partner
We offer customised products that fit perfectly with these unique projects. MTD is a trusted water partner for multinational companies, defence, contractors and installers worldwide. We can rapidly provide a temporary water infrastructure at all possible locations with the assurance of safe drinking water and reliable wastewater facilities which you can rely on. The MTD team is accustomed to working in sensitive regions, and can work anywhere. We think of solutions for installing water infrastructure in production plants, temporary housing or after disasters. No location is impossible. Even the most remote areas can count on the availability of MTD. Safe drinking water is guaranteed. MTD is capable of self-producing drinking water. In addition, the wastewater can be treated so that it can flow back into the environment. This is how MTD manages and monitors the entire water project. You will find an overview of our services and products developed specifically for the industry on the services page.

We supply temporary water infrastructures to the industrial sector, which includes public services, temporary accommodation and offshore projects. Whatever the project, we guarantee to supply safe drinking water and reliable wastewater infrastructure to any worldwide remote or onsite location. Our key sectors are

  • Defence
  • Industry and multinational
  • NGO’s
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Water supply companies
  • Offshore