The Reflection of Love.

A staggering 600,000 people attended the world’s largest electronic dance music festival, Tomorrowland, in Belgium, where 700 artists performed on 14 different stages. The festival, which started as a one-day festival with around 9,000 visitors, has grown into a nine-day, three-weekend festival with hundreds of thousands of visitors. To accommodate all these temporary visitors, the temporary Dreamville village was created.

MTD was responsible for installing the temporary water infrastructure at the Tomorrowland festival site and the Dreamville campsite. Taking into account the temporary growth from a normal population of around 16,000 to a population of 600,000 during the festival period. In addition to easy access to showers and toilets, Dreamville also ensured that those staying there had easy access to everything they might need, such as a hairdresser, a small supermarket, a fashion shop and bars and restaurants. MTD was responsible for carrying out any necessary water connections.

MTD and Dreamville also helped to achieve Dreamville’s sustainability goal by carefully monitoring water flow, pressure and temperature in real time, which helped to reduce the use of potable water and reuse wastewater where possible.

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