G7 at Schloss Elmau, Germany

Progress towards an equitable world

Between June 26th and June 28th, the heads of state and government of Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Canada, and the USA and representatives of the European Union got together with the goal to ‘Progress towards an equitable world’. With its scenic backdrop, Schloss Elmau in the Wetterstein Mountains of Upper Bavaria provided a beautiful and secure place for the summit.

An international summit such as this one brings along lots of press and media, who need access to water. It was MTD Germany’s job to provide the temporary water infrastructure to connect catering and sanitary to water in the Briefing Center, found inside Schloss Elmau, and the International Media Centre. This project required utmost discretion and flexibility, not only on-site but also behind the scenes. All the while, while contributing to the aim to have the summit be sustainable and as climate-neutral as possible.

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