For more than 30 years, De Parade has been the world’s only travelling theatre festival, where wayward artists tell big and small stories, dance and sing about what moves them.

With inspired cooks, entrepreneurs, staff and an adventurous audience, De Parade populate the most beautiful parks in major cities in the Netherlands. At De Parade, some 80 theatre, dance, mime and music performances for young and old are performed in theatre tents. Most performances have been made especially for the festival and can only be seen at the Parade. Every day there are different performances on stage. In addition to the evening performances, there is an extensive KinderParade daily with theatre performances, musical performances and workshops explicitly aimed at children.
The festival offers many young makers a stage and allows them to build an audience for the future. The 60 days summer tour starts next to the Parktheater in Eindhoven, travelling with all the artists, staff, tents and restaurants via the Westbroekpark in The Hague to the Moreelsepark in Utrecht and closes traditionally in the Martin Luther Kingpark in Amsterdam.

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