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The installation of water infrastructure in camps, foreign operations and deployments are activities that demand a lot of effort and investment from your organisation. You must have all the equipment (and staff) permanently available for this.

Money-saving solutions

MTD provides solutions that allow you to construct optimal, temporary water facilities without extra effort and tailor-made to your budget, so that you are guaranteed a reliable water supply, safe drinking water and proper disposal.

Drinking water in remote areas

Through experience and expertise, we are able to seamlessly adapt our standard products to suit the situation during unforeseen circumstances. The team at MTD is accustomed to working in sensitive regions. This makes it employable anywhere. Even in remote areas where no (drinking) water is available, MTD has solutions to ensure safe drinking water. Knowledge transfer and (equipment) training are also available options. This is in order to make a potential partnership as interesting as possible for you in terms of equipment, construction and (frontline) service.

Always employable

We have a large stock and our products are always readily available. We think in terms of possibilities and are flexible so that even in emergencies we can work quickly on finding a solution. Of course, afterwards we clean everything up for you. Our dedicated and expert consultants, project managers and technicians are at your disposal. Staff with a passion for the profession and the market in which they operate. MTD works with the latest technologies and equipment and offers solutions that you may not have considered possible. We operate in an environmentally friendly way and recycle as much water as possible. We are able to produce drinking water, and, if desired, can even filter waste water before it is effortlessly returned to the environment or used for irrigation. In short, MTD is an ideal partner for the military.

We also offer the option of keeping equipment available specifically for your company or organisation.

Services provided for the Ministry of Defence

In various areas:
Common areas
Canteen / mess
Central washrooms
Car wash
Facilities that can be connected:
Wash basins
Coffee machines
Washing machines
Fire extinguishing equipment

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