MTD takes the next step in employee development

MTD takes the next step in employee development

For more than 35 years, MTD has been the specialist in providing temporary water infrastructures. MTD operates globally and ensures optimal drinking water quality along with the filtration and reuse of wastewater. The Pure Water division is active in major international events such as the Olympic Games, Formula 1, the European and World Football Championships, and festivals. The Flex Water division is dedicated to projects like temporary housing connections, disaster relief efforts, and support for refugee camps. With more than 1500 projects per year and 11 locations around the world, MTD offers an inspiring work environment.

Michiel van Kessel, CHRO at MTD: “As an employer, we find it important to develop the talents of our employees. We believe that this contributes to the performance of our employee, the (re)discovery of opportunities to grow, and the engagement within our organization. For MTD, the development of employees contributes to achieving our objectives and the ambitions to grow and innovate. That’s why we find it important that there is a culture that values learning and development.”

To further professionalize learning and development at MTD, Juul Donders has been appointed as coordinator for the MTD Academy. The MTD Academy will centralize the organization of all training courses. “We have written a Learning & Development plan in which we concretely define learning and development at MTD. A large part consists of learning on the job and learning from each other. There is already a lot of knowledge and experience present in the organization among employees who have been with us for a longer time. We are going to make even more use of that,” explains Juul Donders.

Part of the Learning & Development plan is a learning center, catering to different target groups. Juul Donders: “The learning center offers organization-wide programs such as the onboarding for new employees, as well as tailored programs for specific roles like field engineers or emerging talent. With the further professionalization of HR in the organization, there is also attention for enhancing the management skills of our leaders.

For more information about Learning & Development at MTD, please contact Juul Donders via or +31 (0)88 77 55 000.

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