Introducing the Silver Label Unit

Introducing the Silver Label Unit

A Comprehensive Solution for Efficient Water Management

In our continuous effort to promote environmental sustainability and innovative solutions, we are excited to introduce the Silver Label Unit, a fully automated, real-time monitored water treatment system that significantly reduces your water footprint.

How Does It Work?

The Silver Label system employs a four-container process, each playing a crucial role in wastewater treatment. The first container is dedicated to mixing, where wastewater undergoes initial processing. The second container focuses on separation, utilizing a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) process to remove suspended matter from the water.

In the third container, filtration takes place, ensuring the removal of remaining contaminants. The fourth and final container is dedicated to polishing, where Reverse Osmosis (RO) techniques ensure the water is of the highest quality before release.

Extra Features for Optimal Performance

To enhance the system’s efficiency, active carbon air ventilation and air conditioning are installed in the containers. An online monitoring system is also in place for real-time tracking and management of the wastewater treatment process globally. The system’s design ensures safety, transparency, and adaptability, with detailed Material Data Sheets provided for all additives used in the process.

Proven Effectiveness

This cutting-edge technology was recently tested at the Mysteryland festival, handling a mixture of wastewater from various sources. The results were very positive, with significant reductions in total nitrogen, chloride, sulfate, and other contaminants. The system proved its capability to transform wastewater into clean, safe water, marking a significant milestone in sustainable wastewater management.

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