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Single sink

This is a hand washing basin fitted with one tap. It can be set up as free-standing unit, made of stainless steel. The dimensions are: (L x W x H)

  • 540 x 550 x 1150 mm

Rinsing sink 6 taps

Hand washing sink with 6 taps. This tap water unit can be set up as a free-standing unit and used as a drinking water point for catering facilities or during maintenance.

Kitchen unit with cold water tap

A hand washing sink with a single cold water tap. Made of a single piece of moulded, blue HDPE.

Kitchen unit with hot and cold water tap

A hand washing sink with hot and cold water tap. Made of a single piece of moulded, blue HDPE. It does not affect the smell or taste of the food. Includes a water heater located under the sink.

Rinsing Sink (single)

A free-standing rinsing sink with rinsing and normal tap with hot and cold water. For use as a rinsing point in catering facilities. The rinsing sink is fitted with four wheels, and does not include a boiler. The boiler can be rented separately.

Double rinsing sink (3 variations)

Double rinsing sink for use at catering points. The double rinsing sink is provided with a rinsing and normal tap with hot and cold water. This free-standing stainless steel unit is equipped with four wheels so it is easy to move. The boiler is not included and can be rented separately. We have 3 different sizes with the following dimensions: (L x W x H)

  • 160 x 70 x 120/175 cm
  • 190 x 70 x 131/180 cm
  • 225 x 70 x 130/175 cm

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