Intents Festival

Taking care of a festival sustainably

Lets step into the game

A partnership that started in 2014 with ‘just’ 900 meters of piping has evolved to 14km of piping.

Intents Festival, one of the biggest, most progressive Hardstyle dance festivals in The Netherlands, held its 17th edition this May and MTD once again delivered its services.

This festival aimed to be sustainable. To achieve this goal were:

💧 The use of buffer bags, with the capacity carefully monitored to avoid leftovers after the event, which leads to less water being wasted.
💧 Extracting water from the river situated right along the festival grounds, resulting in less need for transportation and thus reducing the CO2 footprint. It also leads to a reduction in the use of clean drinking water for flushing.
💧 Re-using waste water after careful filtration, which means less use of clean water.
💧 A first for this festival, real-time digital monitoring of the water to ensure quality and safe drinking water.

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