MTD is Impactmaker of the quarter Tilburg

MTD is proud to be awarded Impactmaker by the municipality of Tilburg and Make it in Tilburg.

MTD has been named the third Impactmaker of the quarter. MTD provides water all over the world. They do this with hundreds of employees from eleven countries for various events, exhibitions and industries. And they are not the smallest of clients. From the Olympic Games and Formula 1 to Coachella and Cirque du Soleil. MTD also provides emergency facilities (such as clean water) in the event of natural disasters or temporary facilities on drilling platforms. Through the MTD Foundation, MTD donated 60 million litres of water, via Justdiggit, for the regreening of Kenya. From Tilburg, they conquer the world and make an impact with their innovation, knowledge and quality.

Alderman Bas van der Pol (economy) presented a miniature social sofa as recognition during the visit on 1 September last. “With a clear vision and a driven team, MTD has built an incredibly innovative company with an impressive clientele. A world market leader that makes an impact with their service package from Tilburg and can provide the installation of temporary water infrastructures and water treatments with the guarantee of safe drinking water worldwide. Their managing and controlling the entire water chain makes them a company that continues to lead the way. I am enormously impressed and proud that this all happens from Tilburg.”

Nothing but growth
Because water is becoming increasingly scarce, MTD is getting busier and busier. Director Hans Verhoeven thinks that the company is only at the beginning of its real international expansion. Because they have so much knowledge about water, they are asked for large events. “We have already agreed with the Olympic Committee that during the Games in Los Angeles in 2028, we will use half the water that is needed in Paris. If we run the Games there with 40 million litres, in LA, we will do it with 20 million.” They save by filtering wastewater. For example, toilet water can be used for irrigation or washing cars. “That reuse and sustainable water use will only become more important in the future.”

One culture, one vision
Currently, MTD delivers its products and services on more than 1500 projects a year. From the New Years’ Eve Party on the Copacabana and the COP27 (Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference in Egypt) to the water treatment on an oil rig in the Baltic Sea and Hap Stap Tilburg. MTD’s vision and strength are that the same product is supplied worldwide with the same working method and corporate culture from a central organisation. “Despite having branches worldwide, we are a company with one culture and vision,” explains Hans. “Our quality is the same all over the world. We supply the same water connections in all countries, whether or not adapted to climatic conditions.”

Impactmaker of the quarter is an initiative of the Municipality of Tilburg and Make it in Tilburg (Citymarketing Tilburg). Every quarter, it focuses on a Tilburg enterprise that stands out through innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship and fits within the quarterly theme on, in this case, ‘Social City’. Impactmakers are the entrepreneurs in Tilburg who make an impact within and outside the city limits.

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