ECO Setsubi becomes MTD Japan Ltd

MTD Group successfully purchased all ECO Setsubi Japan shares.

Eco Setsubi is a local plumbing company in Tokyo and specialized in permanent drinking and wastewater installations. Hans Verhoeven, CEO/Owner MTD: “This is a very important milestone for MTD Japan. It gives us the great opportunity to meet all the requirements, needed to operate for the world cup Rugby 2019 and the Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo.”

It is the ambition of MTD to develop sustainable business in Japan for the 3 business lines: Events, Expo and Industry. The two owners of ECO Setsubi, Yuichi Makimoto and Hisao Ito will stay with the company as a director together with the MTD Sales director Yusuke Shinoda. The name of ECO Setsubi will be changed in MTD Japan Ltd.

From the bottom of our heart, we want to thank the Organising Committee for their infinite support throughout the last few years and we express our admiration to the Japanese people for never giving up on their dream to hold the “best 2020 Games ever.” We hope that we will excite the world and make the Japanese citizens proud of what we have achieved together. – Hans Verhoeven

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