Opening House of Waters Rio de Janeiro

MTD is opening a new office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This office and warehouse is called “House of Waters” and is located on Avenida das Américas in Rio de Janeiro.

The office will support various projects in and around Rio de Janeiro. The Dutch consul was present to cut the ribbon with director/owner Hans Verhoeven.

MTD Brasil Ltda was founded in São Paulo in November 2012. Over the past 3.5 years, there has been a growing group of annual events such as the New Year’s Festival on the Copacabana, Carnival in Rio, Rock in Rio Festival, Tomorrowland Festival and many more.
MTD has made a name for itself in Brazil by providing its products and services during World Youth Day on the Copacabana, providing safe drinking water to more than three million pilgrims. In addition, MTD installed temporary water infrastructures for all stadiums for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Dutch consul Arjan Uijterlinde (left) and Hans Verhoeven cut the ribbon.
In his opening speech, Arjan Uijterlinde pointed to the knowledge and expertise of the Netherlands in the water sector
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